Features and nuances of roof soffit repairs

Soffits are horizontal panels that cover the roof eaves and protect them from wind and moisture. They play an important role in attic ventilation as well. Florida’s climate is hot and humid, and soffits are especially important there since they can prevent the attic from developing mold or fungus. Aside from that, they are visually pleasing, so locals have a habit of installing them. Soffits ensure that the attic space is ventilated, keep away birds and insects and look aesthetically fitting. Due to the simplistic installation process, this product is quite sought after. Soffits are usually made of wood. It is important to note that wooden soffits have to be coated with primer before installation and then can be painted to match the color of the house. Vents are being inserted into soffits with an 8-foot step using metallic screens in the framework.


Roof soffit repair features

There are some:

  • Use water resistant materials. Florida is rainy, so soffit repairs should be conducted using water resistant materials like vinyl, aluminum and galvanized steel.
  • Securing enough air flow. Soffits are an important element of attic space ventilation. During repairs ensure that the air flow is sufficient. That requires installation of soffit vents or usage of perforated soffit panels.
  • Soffits must be installed correctly so they can provide effective protection of the eaves from wind and moisture. The installation itself has to be performed using quality fastening and follow the instructions, provided by the manufacturer

Repair nuance

There is some nuance to the process:

  • High cost of the repairs. Roof soffit repairs in Florida can be expensive, especially with high-quality materials and help from professional subcontractors that have been in the business for many years.
  • Requirement of a permit. Some cities in South Florida demand a soffit repair permit. To get one, you need to contact a local construction department and provide the necessary documentation.
  • Repairing roof soffits can be complicated and dangerous, especially if the roof is high up or the roof slope is steep. It is highly recommended to hire a team of professionals for this work.

Can you DIY?

It is possible, but before anything you would need to research a lot of information. Aside from that, this is the required toolbox you will need to assemble for the job:

  • A ladder
  • An electric screwdriver
  • A hammer
  • A crowbar
  • A hacksaw
  • Metal shears
  • A tape measure
  • A spirit level
  • A marker pen
  • Protective goggles
  • Work gloves

If the roof is high up or the roof slope is steep, you will also need:

  • A safety harness
  • Rope
  • A rope block

Property owners would, of course, also need the soffits themselves and enough nails or screws or etc.

Before starting any work thoroughly read the added instruction manual. This document was not added just because and contains a lot of useful information that will greatly help you. The manual should have a list of recommendations on soffit installation and a list of tools and materials that are required for the job.

If you plan to repair roof soffits on your own, bear in mind:

  • Pick high quality water resistant materials
  • Make sure that the air circulation is sufficient
  • If your city requires a permit – get one

Anyone can repair roof soffits safely and securely if they follow the instructions, listed above. But if you lack the necessary skills or knowledge, it is better to hire a team of professionals for this task. They possess all the necessary tools and experience to ensure the quality and safety of the repairs. We recommend contacting the trusted company ROOFTOP TECH INC.