For many years ceramic tiles were presumed to be the best material for roofing. Despite the current market offering a lot of alternatives, they remain as such. But even this solution isn’t everlasting and can require maintenance with time. Many things can cause damage to it, so it is ill advised to push repairs for later. A tile roof should be repaired as soon as possible.
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tile roof repair

Why tile roofs require repairs

Even if manufacturers claim the tile service life to be up to 100 years, annual maintenance still shouldn’t be ignored. Tile roofing appreciates seasonal inspections; besides, you would need to rinse the gutters from leaves and branches before a temperature shift in autumn and spring.
There are two main reasons among others for a tile roof do be damaged – delamination and shattering during use, and installation mistakes. Even though tile as a material isn’t something new, not all slaters know how to handle it properly. That is why roofing should be entrusted to experienced professionals only.
Any roof repairs must begin from a thorough inspection. If clay was used, turn your attention to the attic. That should be done right after a rain. So any potential leak’s scale and severity could be spotted immediately. Usually there would be small problems, caused by tears in the waterproof layer. But if the problem is in the roof rafters, it can become a big money sink.

The algorithm of actions before starting the repair:

Roofing often deforms due to the sealant deterioration over time. If the damage is severe, it can potentially lead to the partial replacement of the framework. Specialists also encounter big problems of the roof slope. Usually those are caused by natural disasters or bad tree falls. If that is the case and it’s built from metal tile, major roof renovation is in order. The cost of such an undertaking will be calculated individually for every building. Several criteria will be taken into account:
  • Roof area

  • Type of damage

  • How watertight the roofing must be

  • Intensity of ongoing leaks

home with new tile roof

Denial of tile roof DIY-repairs

Along with excellent service life tiling has one more important feature. It is crucial for the installation to be performed without any mistakes because that will severely impact the quality of such a structure. That’s why it is forbidden to tile the roof yourself or perform any sort of DIY-repairs on it. According to the crushing majority of cases, this will only result in additional waste of money.

Any partial, local, or major renovations of tile roofs in Miami, FL, should be handed over to professionals. They will scrupulously study the structure for any leaks beforehand. And after that all problems will be quickly removed and the roof’s integrity restored. If needed, specialists will fix any mistake that may have occurred during the roof’s construction.

Naturally, different problems will be priced differently. But it is much cheaper to renovate a roof in time rather than have your property and belongings damaged due to an overlooked leak.

Why use tile on your roof

Tiling is a multilayered roofing material. Its basis is a metal profiled sheet, covered with a polymer compound. This structure was chosen because of the many advantages it offers.

First and foremost – it’s watertight. If the process is performed by a team of specialists, even a flat roof won’t leak. This solution is a great protection from rain- or melt-water. The tiling is sturdy, since it was made to be resistant to deformation and hold a decent amount of mechanical pressure.

Tiling is stylish as well and can keep a neat appearance for a long time – minimum 10 years. That is achieved thanks to special pigments, used on the tiling, which makes them resistant to discoloration.